Rakka-3000 is a tele-operated and autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) and logistic systems to carry out missions in the most demanding conditions and environments.


Rakka-3000UGV is a technology company developing tele-operated and autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and logistic systems to carry out missions in the most demanding conditions and environments.

Rakka UGV

Rakka multipurpose platform is a tele-operated UGV with high payload capacity. The platform features include full-time AWD, articulated steering and wheel-specific active chassis with adjustable ground clearance and load balancing . Thanks to its modular structure, the vehicle can be equipped with a wide variety of booms, tools and mission specific payloads.  

Active chassis

Rakka multipurpose platform has a highly developed, unique leveling system that helps to increase maneuverability on rough terrain by balancing the chassis and automatically adjusting the ground clearance of each wheel independently as required by the terrain and mission.  

Mission specific Modular Payload System

Rakka multipurpose platform can effectively be equipped with a wide range of mission specific payloads. The platform can house a mission specific payload system allowing versatility in payload. In addition attachments such as booms, cranes and PLS cargo spaces can be integrated to the platform.  

Autonomous platform

Rakka multipurpose platform can be equipped with a set of different video and sensor systems for teleoperation. Autonomous capabilities include way-point navigation and follow me functionality.


  • Length: 4.2 m
  • Width: 2.2 m
  • Height: 1.1 – 1.55 m
  • Net weight: 3000 kg
  • Gross weight: 6000 kg
  • Ground clearance: 0.28 – 0.73 m
  • Range: 200km / 20h


  • Drive type: full-time 4WD
  • Engine power: 55 kW
  • Engine type: 4 cylinder diesel or hybrid
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Maximum speed: 15 km/h


Rakka UGV is designed for multiple applications

Crisis management and homeland security
Surveillance and border control
Fire and rescue

RAKKA 3000 MULTIPURPOSE PLATFORM from Innovationplus on Vimeo.

AWE18 from Innovationplus on Vimeo.

Active chassis

The active counterbalancing and levelling system guarantees excellent rough-terrain manouvering capability for the platform.



Rakka UGV has reached its fifth development cycle

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The first prototype

The first prototype for Rakka UGV was launched in 1999.

Although clearly different to the current generation, it already featured some structural solutions that proved highly feasible and which continue to be used in the later upgraded version.

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