The future is floating

Constant pressure on costs as well as shortage of land and natural resources forces us to build more and more demanding constructions on sea. As a result there is a need for economical system to offer supporting structures such as housing and maintenance and logistical bases.

Nextbase provides the market with modular very large floating structures (VLFS) concepts and technology. Nextbase VLFS solutions are based on company’s patented technology and provide customers with intelligent platforms that can be set-up cost-efficiently anywhere in the world in a short response time.

Based on global standard

Nextbase has chosen a standard sea-container as the basic component for its solution. Sea-containers are available and are generic in every where in the world making the solution practical and cost-efficient.

Nextbase solution

The solution is based on one master container housing the required technology components to make a 24 sea-container float, size 370m2. Size of the platform can be multiplied by adding further sea-containers making the float-platform even larger. The platform can be equipped with intelligence enabling several functionalities for example fresh water production, waste management, power/ electricity production, pressured air generation, sensoring and signalling systems and lighting.

Application areas

Multiple application areas have been developed over the years of intensive R & D and market research of customer needs such as temporary logistics bases, renewable energy on sea, sea harvesting, floating leisure houses, operational sea bases and offshore construction platforms.

  • Vacation homes and accommodation facilities
  • Floating leisure platforms such as sport arenas and diving centers
  • Floating swimming pools and leisure parks
  • Floating platforms to house walkways and cycling routes

Application areas

Aid logistics
Logistics platforms and construction on sea
Energy and harvesting on sea
Sea base



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Technical proof-of-concept

Extensive 2 year research and development project came to conclusion in August 2015 when the first full scale prototype was successfully assembled and lifted to water for floatation testing.

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